Minoritech Inc.

Limited examples of sourcing capabilities:

  • Adhesive tapes (anti-squeak, anti-skid, conductive, masking, electrical, etc.)
  • Films/Polys/Plastics (Kapton, ABS, Teflon, urethane, Mylar, polypropelene, vinyl, etc.)
  • Foams (high temp silicone, PORON cellular urethane, low, medium to high density polyurethanes and ethafoams and more)
  • Specialty Materials such as rubbers, dual lock fastening systems, flexible magnet, copper and aluminum foil, hook and loop, shielding materials, light reflective films and many more

Limited examples of manufacturing capabilities:

  • Body side molding, cladding, fascias and wheel flares using acrylic foam tapes with pull tabs for easy removal of liner

  • PSA gaskets, seals, IP cluster, emblems, interior trim components, interior and exterior name plates and graphic attachments using acrylic foam tapes, double-coated tape and/or low fogging transfer tape



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Medical & Health Care


Government, Military Aerospace

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