Minoritech Inc.

Limited examples of sourcing capabilities:

  • Wafers, silicon and other substrates
  • Foils, films, machined or extruded both as raw material and built to order
  • Sputter targets and other metal deposition materials and devises
  • Custom blended and manufactured cleaners for field service applications
  • Special application sealers and bonding agents for electronic assembly
  • Packaging solutions for wafer assembly
  • Specialty wipes and mats for clean room contamination control
  • Special tapes for masking industrial products, painting and powder coating
  • Anti-corrosion interleafing for high value electronic components
  • Heat Shield Material- Nomex, fishpaper, foil tapes
  • EMI/RFI materials and finished shields
  • Thermally conductive tape- copper foil, aluminum
  • Electrically conductive tape- xyz tape, xy tape, z-axis tape
  • High Temp Films -Kapton, Ultem, PTFE Teflon, etc
  • Thermal bonding films, electroplating tapes, powder coating tape and more

Limited examples of manufacturing capabilities:

  • PCB component attachment

  • EMI/RFI shields

  • Conductive adhesive components

  • Resistors

We can manufacture the components kiss cut in rolls, sheets, pads, or loose pieces. All products can be converted to your exact dimensions and can be laminated to other materials. Additionally, products can be produced with a split back liner or extended tab for easy removal.

Component manufacturing in a Class 10,000 Certified and climate controlled clean rooms is available if needed. Clean room services can accommodate die cutting, precision rewind slitting, laminating of electronic and medical materials and packaging of medical device components. ?Also, assembly, kitting, packaging and contract manufacturing services requiring a Clean room environment can be done.


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